LA NAUTICA Περσίδες - Στόρια από Δέρμα | CRIPE S.A.
LA NAUTICA Περσίδες. Στόρια από Δέρμα
LA NAUTICA Περσίδες. Στόρια από Δέρμα
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Thanks to their past experience with their group of companies specialized in the making venation blinds they created the new and sophisticated Soft Line Venetian blind ecopelle dedicated to interior design.


Soft Line is an innovated product, made from high quality materials that make it resistant in places that are exposed to sea salt and direct sun light. Thanks to these characteristics it is suitable also in boats particularly in important spaces ideally yacht cabins.


Soft line is totally handcrafted by their experienced personal and every detail is looked after to guaranty and deliver only the most fine and stunning product.


Soft Line is true compliment for interior design able to give that extra touch and elegance in every environment.