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For four generations the name Zimmer+Rohde (Z+R) has been synonymous with top quality, cutting-edge designs.
ZIMMER ROHDE Outdoor Fabrics, Outdoor Textiles
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For four generations the name Zimmer+Rohde (Z+R) has been synonymous with top quality, cutting-edge designs. Giving great emphasis to the aesthetic and stimulating impact of fabric and upholstery, Z+R succeeds in creating a sense of tradition and originality woven together in perfect harmony.


The designers at Z+R work with weavers and artists from around the world, carefully researching materials and applying stylish designs to cloth, making the production of top quality fabrics the essence of this company. The development of Z+R into a worldwide industry leader has resulted in major collaborations with other top textile houses (Ardecora, Etamine, Hodsoll McKenzie, Warner Fabrics and Travers). Together they promote the age-old appeal of fabric, and with their individuality they adorn everyday life with a unique visual effect.




Caribbean Stripe


Durable upholstery fabric with a decorative striped pattern. This robust textile has an expressive twill weave that lends a sporty elegance to its surface. Inside or outside, as upholstery or cushions: CARIBBEAN STRIPE will bring a touch of elegant and practical finery to sofas, armchairs and daybeds. CARIBBEAN CHECK and CARIBBEAN STRIPE, both upholstery fabrics, are colour-coordinated with each other.

Caribbean Check


The fine chequerboard pattern looks woven on this durable upholstery fabric. Inside or outside, as upholstery or as cushions: CARIBBEAN CHECK will bring a touch of elegant and practical finery to sofas, armchairs and daybeds. The fabrics CARIBBEAN CHECK and CARIBBEAN STRIPE are colour-coordinated with each other.



Universal plain upholstery fabric for indoor and outdoor use. The pleasantly dry feel and natural appearance make SAVANNAH a perfect basic fabric with many uses, such as upholstery or throw cushions as well as window dressings or room dividers.



A fine, minimalistic imitation leather with a sumptuous feel. Its comes into its own when used to cover large surfaces – but also looks great on cushions. Neither direct sunlight or other weather influences are a problem for this durable upholstery fabric. In addition, a special finish protects the surface from overheating.



The sandy grains of a desert landscape were the inspiration for this woven Jacquard relief, an easy-care and hard-wearing upholstery fabric specially developed for both indoor and outdoor use. The feel of the bouclé yarn is pleasantly soft.



Inspired by the bright stripes of traditional kilim rugs, Curacao particularly stands out for its expressive combinations of colours. Thanks to its practical features, this colourful fabric can add touches of freshness to all living areas, both inside and out.



This artificial leather with a realistic grain was developed for use both indoors and out. With its range of colours in classic leather tones, whole worlds of colour can be created, whether in harmony with natural shades or as a neutral basis for brightly coloured cushions.




Libeccio, with its innovative knitted look, is slightly elastic and thus very well suited to loose upholstery and casually strewn cushions. Stain- and light-resistant, Libeccio enriches any lounging area, whether indoors or out.



Tonga: a basic with a little added luxury. The finely textured upholstery fabric for indoors and out plays with a two-tone woven texture, resulting in a regular, attractively grainy appearance. Eight welcoming colours ensure simple upholstery for chairs, benches and sofas, whether in the sunroom at a spa or on the terrace.



PATIO is a durable fabric for indoor and outdoor applications. The all-rounder is resistant to all types of weather, sea/chlorinated water and even sunscreen. Due to the abstract allover pattern and carefully designed fabric structure, PATIO is suitable for both round and square-shaped furniture.