ZIMMER ROHDE Outdoor Fabrics, Outdoor Textiles | CRIPE S.A.
ZIMMER ROHDE Outdoor Fabrics, Outdoor Textiles
ZIMMER ROHDE Outdoor Fabrics, Outdoor Textiles
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For four generations the name Zimmer+Rohde (Z+R) has been synonymous with top quality, cutting-edge designs. Giving great emphasis to the aesthetic and stimulating impact of fabric and upholstery, Z+R succeeds in creating a sense of tradition and originality woven together in perfect harmony.


The designers at Z+R work with weavers and artists from around the world, carefully researching materials and applying stylish designs to cloth, making the production of top quality fabrics the essence of this company. The development of Z+R into a worldwide industry leader has resulted in major collaborations with other top textile houses (Ardecora, Etamine, Hodsoll McKenzie, Warner Fabrics and Travers). Together they promote the age-old appeal of fabric, and with their individuality they adorn everyday life with a unique visual effect.


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