Tres Tintas uses their own expressive aesthetic vision to create meaningful work. Original designs characterized by a clear artistic trend that satisfyingly dress your space.
TRES TINTAS Wallpapers, TRESTINTAS Wallpapers
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Inspired by the beauty of painted paper and fabrics Tres Tintas uses their own expressive aesthetic vision to create meaningful workOriginal designs characterized by a clear artistic trend that satisfyingly dress your space.
Tres Tintas

The TAFETÁN Collection

Tres Tintas

The KALK II Collection

Tres Tintas

The BARCINO Collection

Barcino collection is inspired by Catalan modernism to bring the elegance and the organic nature of art at the beginning of 20th century to your home.

Flowers and designs that evoke nature fill this collection with life, turning rooms into warm and welcoming places where the walls can become true works of art.

From plant patterns to clearly modernist silhouettes, Barcino will bring part of Catalan history to your walls, lighting up every room.

Tres Tintas

The ANILINE Collection

Aniline is a collection of acid designs that dialogue with art and create a vibrant and welcoming space.


Throughout different textures we want to fill spaces with risky and innovative strokes that dialogue with various artistic techniques and pictorial processes. The designs in this collection range from nebulous stains to the most colorful landscape, passing through a very organic geometry.


The delicacy of the brush and the vibrancy of the colors go hand in hand to fill your walls with movement.

Tres Tintas

The LLAR Collection

Now is the time to disconnect to reconnect. With nature. With the sea. With the warmth of a home. With its roots and the thousand and one stories lived, generation after generation.


LLAR are beautiful memories told through 12 small works of art that will not only transport you to the different rooms of a classic country house on an island but will also make you feel all the emotions experienced there.


Thanks to its Mediterranean colours, its defined lines and its almost palpable textures, this collection will turn any space into a place full of life.


Welcome home.

Tres Tintas

The VIBRA Collection

Vibrate, contemporary environments through a fluid of simple and abstract lines, of soft shapes, designed to build a friendly atmosphere full of details,
lines and lights that will make your walls the main actor in a space where less is more and, above all , full of good vibes.


Inspired by the abstract, minimal signs and the combination of fluid shapes.


Geometry blends with neutral tones, subtle gradients, and gentle shadows.


Originating a movement of shapes that flow smoothly and dance on the canvas of your walls.

Tres Tintas

The TILDE Collection

The touch of grace that asks for space is called Tilde. An exclusive collection that emphasizes the straight line with some inclusion in the curve.


Its classic character is complemented by contemporary nuances, thanks to its diversity of lines and colours. Because not all lines are the same, Tilde is made of 7 personalities of their own, different from each other, but with a common denominator: their versatility.


Although the line is the undisputed protagonist, it is its timeless and organic colours that make spaces unique. At last, the classic touch meets the contemporary world, seamlessly.

Tres Tintas

The GAIA Collection

Gaia is an exquisite collection, that includes murals based on organic shapes and nude tones.


The collection is inspired by four natural classic thematics of nature.


Emulating the vegetation, the natural environment, the flowers, the textures and geometric shapes. As a result, Gaia offers 25 exclusive murals.

Tres Tintas

The RUBRICA Collection

Rúbrica is a learning and design process in its entirety, in addition to the new collection of wallpapers and murals Tres Tintas.

Tres Tintas

The DIVERSITY Collection

Under the slogan “Variety is the spice of life” Patricia Bustos Studio launches her first collection of wallpaper DIVERSITY from Tres Tintas.

Tres Tintas

The LEMON Collection

LEMON is a multi-disciplinary design studio specialising in product and graphic design.

It has a particular interest and fascination on wallpaper and furniture design.

It’s goal is focused on continuous experimentation with concepts and materials, which is underpinned by a considered approach to its craft.

Tres Tintas

The PENTIMENTO Collection

A moment of repentance is enough to make a change. A change for the best.


Tres Tintas offers PENTIMENTO, a collection that defends the real nature of a work.


A collection that praises the great effort of the artist in his constant determination to improve his technique,in his determination to capture a melody or scent on the canvas.

Tres Tintas

The LLAÜT Collection

Rising sun in Cadaqués. Wake up Tramontana.

Take a deep breath and walk through the streets of Cadaqués with Llaüt, a collection that embraces the beauty of simplicity, the balance of forms and an exquisite combination of colors inspired by “the most beautiful town in the world”.

Tres Tintas


Tres Tintas Barcelona is delighted to present the wallcovering collection designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Her impressive study of forms, colours and space comes out into a display of geometric patterns showing an astonishing subtlety and radiating a warm atmosphere. A stunning creativity and great design skills at last embodied in a wallcovering collection.

Tres Tintas

The JOURNEYS II Collection

Journeys 2 is the new mural Tres Tintas collection designed by Mitos Bermejo. Into it you can find a glance of their dreams of journeys, a real “voyage card” that collect the impressions of places, landscapes and cities. Journeys is presented as a suitcase of the memories, making born a new different, invigorating and very original collection. Each Mural of Journeys 2 Collection responds to specific geographical place, guiding the observer through an imaginary route personal and wonderful map.