Tres Tintas Wallpapers Collections 2017 | CRIPE S.A.
Tres Tintas Wallpapers Collections 2017
Tres Tintas Wallpapers Collections 2017
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TRES TINTAS Wallpapers Collections 2017


Natural textures combine fauna with projections of light and shade which emulate forests, plants and gardens and result in a dream-like atmosphere. The collection is presented as a continuation of the natural world found outside our windows, bringing nature’s aesthetics and beauty indoors. Featuring a neutral pallet of blues, greens and using intricate lines, the collection invites you to enjoy the peace and serenity of our living world.


Precious Stone, porcelain, wool, linen, jade, amber, ivory, lacquer, spices, glass, coral and precious metals all inspire the collection “Silk Road”. A universe of colors and decorative traditions helped shape the Tres Tintas Barcelona proposal (what do you want say here-proposal/design process/designs). Caught in a mystical and intense journey through different cultures and cities along the world-renowned silk routes, blending colors and textures that carry the energy of the orient while neutral tones help center and relax the mind.


Concrete Ciré is a popular plastering technique that is well understood within the interior and home decor sector. This plastering method creates and defines beautiful, classy and even bold wall statements in many different styles and is meant for any individual, family or corporation that loves to be unique. Our Concrete Ciré wallpapers now makes it possible to apply this same popular plastering technique as a beautiful metallic wallpaper to your wall, without the need of a single gram of plaster.


Using a very personal style, the Bananella, Chinella and Florella wallpapers take us on a creative journey, away from tradition. Using the newest techniques, the result is a much more interesting design than traditionally could be achieved. Design by Sophie Pega


Méditerranéen transports us to the essence of the Mediterranean, into the hands of the artisan craftsman; surrounded by the natural textures of clay, wood and braided yarns. We are carried to the boat of a sherman, bobbing on the water under the moonlit sky, embraced by the colors of blue, turquoise and stone.


Journeys is the new mural Tres Tintas collection designed by Cárlos Buendía, Pablo Piatti and Jazmin Vasco. Into it you can find a glance of their dreams of journeys, a real “voyage card” that collect the impressions of places, landscapes and cities. Journeys is presented as a suitcase of the memories that three designers have recorded in their mind, making born a new different, invigorating and very original collection.


9 SELVAS DE MARISCAL are a series of papers with great artistic value and an excellent technical execution. For this occasion, Tres Tintas Barcelona bets on a brilliantly consolidated artist, like Javier Mariscal, to continue experimenting new paths for decorating walls with contemporary designs.