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Rasch Textil is an enterprise being part of the prestigious wallpaper factory Gebrüder Rasch from Bramsche, which sets its focus on production and distribution of high-quality textile wallpaper of all kinds.
The history of this kind of wallpaper goes back far into the 19th century, where Rasch Textil was already a renowned manufacturer on the market and could offer tasteful designs with continuous innovation. Also today, Rasch Textil stands for high quality with unique patterns and designs, which can be discovered in wallpapers as well as in curtains and other textiles. Due to the use of fabrics and robust textile fibers, wallpapers of this manufacturer do guarantee a long-lasting coating and decoration of any interior.
The parent company Rasch has storied design and for example due to its closeness to the Bauhaus movement (Staatliches Bauhaus 1919-1933) has launched completely new fabric wallpaper and other design objects. Even if Rasch gladly takes a look at earlier times in his collections and likes to awaken the nostalgia, time for the renowned manufacturer does not stand still.


The Bambino XVII fabrics Collection