Papier Français is specializing in the production of historic wallpapers, discovered in the archives of the most prestigious institutions and selected for ...
Wallpaper, Wallpapers
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The art of wallpaper

Founded in Paris in 2019, Papier Français is an exclusive upscale brand specializing in the production of historic wallpapers, discovered in the archives of the most prestigious institutions and selected for their modernity.


With due credit to 21st century technologies, Papier Français breathes life into the most iconic wallpapers of the last 200 years, produced in their ateliers with an unparalleled level of quality, service and personalization.


Inaugurated and launched in collaboration with the archives of the BnF, the first Papier Français collection is distinguished by history, beauty and reinvention.


The Papier Français Collections

Animals & Fruit

Ripe fruit, songbirds and pets, here is a whole range of warm and round colours, with the languid atmosphere of a sunny end of day, reminiscent of all the flavours of summer in the peaceful garden…


The sweetness of their tones and manners have an allure that one may hardly resist!

Antiques & Arabesques

Through antiques and arabesques, Papier Français offers a dream of grandiose refinement. From antiquity to the Renaissance, linger in the cabinets of curiosities and stroll through the sumptuous Roman vestibules.


Tyre, goats, vases and craters! A wonderful collection that excites the imagination, nourished by the ancient chimeras!

Flowers & Plants

Delicate flowers from our gardens, incandescent bouquets and lush vegetation: it is a true floral symphony, a profusion of colours and the most varied and beautiful shapes, which are offered in this range of a thousand fragrances.


“My darling, let’s go see if the morning has opened our rose…”

Geometrical & Architectural

What astonishment for those who behold this series of geometric and architectural forms that are as daring as they are unexpected! Straight, broken or wavy lines, diamonds, chevrons or squares! The total freedom to multiply and combine patterns in scales, rounded or pointed, with contrasts of colour that dance in the space between shadows and light!


Mathematical rhythms intertwined with poetic phrases yield a baroque art coupled with art deco!

Genre Scenes

Let us walk in the forests and gardens to discover the secrets of tenderly exchanged lovers, or in the fields to overhear the last tunes of summer. A chapter in the collection that focuses on genre or charm scenes.


The French ‘art de vivre! …


Varia is the treasure chest of our childhood. Open it and get lost in it! It is the register of all that is possible and improbable, playing with linen and silver palmettes, rosettes, stripes and fine lace, flags in the wind and stars in the firmament.


Look carefully, it is perhaps at the bottom of this trunk that an irresistible fancy is hiding!