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The company that was founded in Venice three centuries ago by Luigi Bevilacqua continues to produce timeless and elegant fabrics, using ...
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The company that was founded in Venice three centuries ago by Luigi Bevilacqua continues to produce timeless and elegant fabricsusing traditional weaving techniques and original Venetian looms dating back to the 18th century. Skilled weavers transform premium natural threads into velvet, taffeta, brocade, satin and damask fabrics that decorate palaces, villas and theatres around the world.


Luigi Bevilacqua
Luigi Bevilacqua
Luigi Bevilacqua

Animalier and Multicolor Velvets: The latest fabrics collection for 2021

This year we have also expanded our catalog with new proposals for fine furnishing fabrics, embracing the classic style of the magnificent traditional Venetian velvets but also including more modern styles that make the new Palermo, Zebra and Zebrato velvets the ideal fabrics for both classic and more contemporary projects.

The Palermo Multicolor Velvets Collection


Palermo is a multicolored velvet whose design, called “jardinière”, has been taken from an original 17th century one and represents floral and naturalistic elements that recreate the compositional schemes and the richness of details and sumptuousness of shapes typical of the Baroque style.


It is proposed in two color variants: petrolio, a very refined combination of blue with warm neutral tones tending to bronze and brown on a beige background, whose reflections are softly accentuated by the brightness of the silk pile.

The Zebra Animalier Velvets Collection

Furnishing fabrics in animalier patterns gives an exotic and fascinating touch to interiors in a graceful way thanks to a few elements such as a sofa or cushions, or in a more daring way through larger widths and bold combinations. In any case, these patterns are a classic beloved by the world’s most famous interior designers. And velvet, with its softness and silkiness enhances their characteristics.

Luigi Bevilacqua
Luigi Bevilacqua

The Luigi Bevilacqua Velvets Collection – Paris Déco Off 2019

This keyword in interior colours is brightness, as each of Pantone’s 2019 palettes show, providing a joyful and cosy atmosphere to any room.


Luigi Bevilacqua

The Luigi Bevilacqua 2018 Collection – Paris Déco Off 2018

New year, new fabrics! Take a look at the new collection of Italian furnishing fabrics we’re presenting this month at Paris Déco Off. You’ll discover some unexpected tones of colour, which you can use to add character both to your living and sleeping areas.



The main protagonist of 2018 interiors is velvet, the true soul of that retro trend you’ll soon notice in all rooms and furniture items. And our new collection features no less than 12 different velvet designs, perfect to create a splendid atmosphere in your living room. Their decorations range from those inspired by nature to geometric and optical motifs. So they follow this year’s interior-design style which, on the one hand, replicate the decorative patterns of the Seventies and Eighties.


On the other hand, it fills houses with flowers and plants both literally and on textiles. We’ve thus chosen these patterns from our catalogue for the new velvets:


Nature-themed: Bestiario and Caccia, where both animals and plants intertwine; Ardis, Casa Bianca, Da Vinci, Palmyra and Senatori, with leaves and flowers of different kind and shape, coming from the Middle Age, the Renaissance and the Neoclassical period;


Geometric: these patterns will let you add a vintage touch to your home, with simple and clear lines for Griglia and Zig Zag, or with the unusual touch and optical illusions of Onda and Radica;


Plain: in accordance with a minimalist style or as the perfect companion to interiors already full of showy patterns, the Unito velvet is the right solution, since it has no design.