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Synonymous with uncompromising quality for six generations, Loro Piana understands the discerning taste and lifestyle of its loyal clientele.
LORO PIANNA Interiors Fabrics
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Synonymous with uncompromising quality for six generations, Loro Piana understands the discerning taste and lifestyle of its loyal clientele.


With its new Interiors collection, Loro Piana now makes its possible to decorate your home with the same elegance and finesse of our celebrated men’s and women’s apparel. The unmistakable Loro Piana philosophy has been applied to our new range of exclusive home furnishings fabrics that allow you to create distinctive interiors with incomparable quality and individuality.



Loro Piana Interiors

The Loro Piana Interiors 2022 Collection

Loro Piana Interiors

The Delight Chairs by EXTETA

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Loro Piana Interiors


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Loro Piana Interiors

Doubling up: two of everything 2021 – The Interiors Collection

The entire Loro Piana Interiors collection for 2021 revolves around the concept of doubling up. The elegance of exclusivity, and an unparalleled expertise that draws on six generations of textile industry heritage and innovation, are what lie behind our ranges of original, versatile, refined fabrics and finished products that showcase colour, patterns and combinations. The collection throws the focus on double fabrics, with contrasting shades or different patterns on each side. Colours also double up: on the decorative details, the positive/negative effects featured, the trims and edgings. All of the options are designed to be combined in ever-different ways to reflect personal tastes. Designs, colours, textures and materials alternate and mingle to create different styles of interiors, offering an ideal tour of distinctive settings that range from the inviting warmth of a holiday home in the Alps, to the refined elegance of picture windows overlooking a city skyline, to the welcoming ambience of a country house, to the fresh, breezy feel of a seaside residence.

Loro Piana Interiors

Stripes and Weaves 2020 – The Interiors Collection

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Loro Piana Interiors

Softness and Colours 2019 – The Interiors Collection

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Loro Piana Interiors



Loro Piana Interiors is a collection of home textiles created for those who appreciate the outstanding quality that the company is renowned for: for interiors with the same effortless elegance that epitomizes Loro Piana’s clothing. The fabrics of the Interiors collection are made from fine fibers and superior quality materials purchased in their countries of origin and crafted in Italy, with rigorous quality controls at each stage of production. The textiles and leathers used undergo special treatments that ensure maximum durability and easy care while preserving their softness, lightness and comfort. The Loro Piana Interiors collection offers over 600 types of fabrics designed for upholstery, curtains and decor accents. This unique, original collection of exclusive materials boasts a wide range of weaves, patterns and colors to mix and match, ready to be interpreted with personal style. All of the fabrics can be created in the color and pattern that the customer desires. The blankets, bed covers and rugs can be completely personalized in terms of color, size and finish.

Loro Piana Interiors



Loro Piana’s signature cashmere is perfect for warming the interiors of mountain homes. The fabrics in 100% cashmere or wool and cashmere blends come in a wide assortment of patterns, solid colors, stripes and checks, designed to mix and match. For an extra-special touch, Loro Piana Interiors also creates custom colors on demand.

Loro Piana Interiors



For seaside homes Loro Piana has chosen textiles with a fresh, breezy touch. Quintessential cool summer fibers like linen and cotton, used alone or blended, are worked in solid colors, stripes, and non-solids, in a rich palette of colors. The heavier fabrics designed for upholstery, sofa beds, and headboards can also be used to create elegant bedspreads, while the lighter textiles in the collection are perfect for decor elements and drapes. For cushions, curtains and other decor accents the collection offers iridescent silk shantung and linen fabrics.

Loro Piana Interiors



Loro Piana Interiors fabrics undergo rigorous testing to obtain international certification for use in the aviation industry. Cashmere – used alone or blended with wool – is particularly suitable and can also be coordinated with 100% cashmere footsteps.

Loro Piana Interiors



Light-weight, wonderfully warm and indulgently enveloping, Loro Piana’s throws and blankets are crafted from the very highest quality fibers: cashmere, baby cashmere, cashmere and chinchilla, and baby camel hair. The rich color palette offers the perfect complement to the fabrics for upholstery and decor elements. Loro Piana Interiors also offers an exclusive made-to-measure service to select the perfect shade for every style of decor.

Loro Piana Interiors

The LORO PIANA Collections



The classic fabrics in the Loro Piana Interiors Collection are made using the same exclusive fibres and select materials that already characterise Loro Piana clothing and accessories. Sherpas and Ladak, two typical pure cashmere velours are designed to embrace you in softness luxury, while Vicuña, the finest, rarest and most precious fibre in the world brings its characteristic tawny shades to furnishing fabrics that weigh about 540 g.

The finest wools in the plain colours of the wool/cashmere Altai and Taragarh, or the wool/angora Panjab, to be coordinated with the textures of Pecora Nera®, tartan patterned cashmere of Harris, as well as with the historical Zelander® check pattern.

A particularly wide range of linen and cotton fabrics have also been designed for elegant town houses as well as leisure time retreats in the country or at the sea. Plain or herringbone, they are perfect for divans, armchairs and bedspreads. The line is completed by two corduroys and two select leathers, Nubuck, with a soft sueded look and Bufalo, having a more structured look and a strong personality.

The Loro Piana Interiors classics offers five chromatic themes based on 300 different colours: natural beige/ écru tones, austere deep browns and greys; seductive greens; aristocratic shades of blue and intense shades of red.

Loro Piana Interiors



“Elegance and Style,” a concept that has always been synonymous with Loro Piana. “Elegance and Style” includes also new generations of fabrics that combine tradition, technology, beauty and performance. They embody the essence of a classic masculine style that emphasizes clean lines and bold colour combinations.
Loro Piana pays tribute to this timeless elegance by reviving and reinterpreting it in a new collection dedicated to interior décor.

With sophisticated irony, Loro Piana lends a new twist to the great classics of the male wardrobe drawing inspiration from it to create Prince of Wales checks, over-checks and pin stripes, enlarged and expanded in new proportions to the sizes and shapes of padded furniture and decorating accessories.

The result is formal but never severe. Cashmere, pure or blended with extrafine wools or precious linen, brings out its natural softness.

The other fabrics offered by the collection combine the world’s best raw materials, carefully selected in their countries of origin, and protagonists of Loro Piana’s textile tradition.

Loro Piana Interiors



“Regal” matches precious fibres such as wool and cashmere, wool felt, linen, silk and cotton with new, innovative weaves and patterns, in a colour range that includes pastels and natural shades, all perfectly coordinated within the collection as well as with existing Loro Piana Interiors collections. Embroideries, damasks, solids and faux solids lend themselves to furniture upholstery and interior decoration, while raw silk is ideal for curtains and drapes.

The Regal collection also includes Loro Piana Baby Cashmere® blankets, a quilt and duvet cover in baby cashmere, along with solid throws in 100% cashmere.

Loro Piana Interiors



The “Windrose” collection brings the light, energy and colour of the Mediterranean Sea to the home. It is designed to offer curtains and drapery complete with passementerie, tiebacks, cords, bands and tassels. Natural fibres, as are linen, cotton, silks and wools take centre stage. They are carefully worked to enhance their intrinsic qualities: lightness, understated brightness and softness to touch. Even the wise choice of colours evokes southern seascapes with indigo blue and a host of other shades of blue and aquamarine, teamed with neutral tones.

Loro Piana Interiors



Metropolis, the collection of interior design fabrics, enhances the home with a palette of distinctive nuances combined with the finest raw materials in the world. These solutions are perfect for private homes, offices or public spaces in urban settings, creating inviting looks that are easy to adapt. Colour takes centre stage. Natural shades inspired by precious stones and metals, are accentuated by the distinctive compositions and textures of the fabrics.

Loro Piana Interiors



The Plus capsule collection presents the cream of the Loro Piana’s textile expertise in four of its most iconic fabrics. Cashmere Ice, Sherpas Plus, Pecora Nera® Plus and Zelander® Plus express the brand’s passion for superlative natural fibres, the finest cashmere and prized wools, drawing inspiration from the winter season in terms of both look and feel: fabrics designed to lend a warm, cosy glow to urban or mountain homes, for sophisticated upholstery and exclusive soft furnishings.

Cashmere Ice is a light-weight fabric that stands out for its distinctive chromatic effects, with an exquisitely soft handfeel, ideal for upholstery, soft furnishings, curtains and drapes.
Sherpas Plus is a compact yet ultra-soft fabric of the purest cashmere. Suited for upholstery, it is also ideal for covers and throws.

The dye-free sustainable wool Pecora Nera® Plus, with its characteristic warm brown tones, is ideal for upholstery, curtains and covers.

New Zealand wool is the star of Zelander® Plus, a double fabric that is soft and fluid to the touch. These striking colour effects make it perfect for distinctive upholstery and curtains.

Loro Piana Interiors



“Passepartout” is the first collection from Loro Piana Interiors designed for high level hospitality, be it a suite, club house, hotel. The collection offers almost 100 options: certified fabrics for upholstery and curtains which can all be coordinated, offering an endless range of combinations.