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KP Carpets
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KP carries out its activity in the edition, manufacture and manufacture of custom rugs and modern carpets. With headquarters in Madrid and an experience in the sector of more than 30 years, KP has established itself as the first manufacturer of made-to-measure rugs in Spain with an offer that reaches more than 60,000 different combinations.


Collections of custom wool rugs, sisal rugs, modern rugs, acrylic rugs, designer rugs, handmade rugs, KEPLAN vinyl rugs, washable outdoor rugs … all in a wide palette of colors and an immense amount of options in original finishes is what they offer.



There have always been classes and KOOSU is one of those collections with a lot of class. Its structure is reminiscent of wilton looms and its extreme softness contrasts with its enormous hardness. KOOSU is supreme quality but not for that reason elitist, it can be used both in homes and offices without losing a bit of dignity. It is also ecological and with greater resistance to fire and smoke emission than other collections thanks to its support CENEVA®.

Natural colours and easily combinable pastels make up the collection. It will be complicated to choose the one you like the most and not less to choose how to finish it. If the option is custom-made carpet, the possibilities in finishes are multiple … FLEKOS, SINGLE, ANTELOOK BLIND Can you think of another? For sure YES.


The years go by and the techniques of making made-to-measure rugs and carpets advance. Thanks to this, today it is possible to launch collections such as “I LOVE IT”. What differentiates this collection from others with long hair is the thickness of its hair, which is achieved by twisting several strands. The result is an appearance very similar to that of manual stitch rugs or what is the same, a luxury finish with extra tread comfort and also, as always, made to measure.

From a less technical and more earthly point of view, if you take a look at the collection, you will be surprised that the hair ends up forming subtle points that provide an original and unique air that you will not find in other long hair collections but the best will still be to arrive. When you have to decide which color best suits what you are looking for, you will discover the 17 colors available in the collection … Then you will sigh and say … “I love it”





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