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There are names that have become symbols of quality and aesthetics over the years. One of them is Christian Fischbacher, one of the world’s leading textile creators. A company that can look back on a history of more than two hundred years, Fischbacher retains a remarkable ability to feel the pulse of the times and incorporate it into its identity. We are experiencing such a moment now. A new chapter begins today for the renowned Swiss company.

Christian Fischbacher will become Fischbacher 1819 with immediate effect. 

Each generation has adapted the logo to the changing brand identity. In its conciseness and clarity, “Fischbacher 1819” represents the modern spirit of the textile manufacturer, yet retains a clear reference to the traditional values of the company since its foundation in 1819.

“This year is more than just a number – it represents deep-rooted expertise and a long history in textile design.”

Michael Fischbacher, CEO of Fischbacher 1819

Fischbacher 1819 stands for history and modernity, for ambition and passion. The roots of the company are not forgotten under the management of Michael Fischbacher, the sixth generation to lead the company. With the change of name to Fischbacher 1819, not only the brand name changes. The textile creator is also sending a clear signal of continuous development and reorientation. The Christian Fischbacher logo has undergone constant change over the years, in line with the development of the company itself.

Inspired by the past, designed for the future

The new direction builds on the foundation of previous generations while creating space for innovation. Fischbacher 1819 sees the importance of progress, acknowledging the cultural and aesthetic changes of our time while preserving the principles that have defined the craft for centuries. With each generation, the Fischbacher family has continued to develop the art of textile craftsmanship, striking a balance between the changing demands of the times and the unchanging principles of the craft.


Rooted cosmopolitans

Internationality is and remains a decisive factor in the vision of Fischbacher 1819. In a globalised world, the brand sees itself as an ambassador for the art of Swiss and European textile expertise and yet is open to worldwide influences. This is not just about exporting products, but also about importing ideas, trends and innovations. Whether in Asia, Europe or America, Fischbacher 1819 textiles are designed to tell stories, connect people and bring cultures closer. The Fischbacher family unites diverse talents in a harmonious way. CEO Michael Fischbacher speaks six languages and is largely responsible for the internationalisation of the sales markets. Camilla Douraghy Fischbacher, Art Director, brings her creative career as a photographer to the table and views textiles from a global perspective.

“Our roots are deeply anchored in our history. But we are always looking into the distance, always searching for the next chapter of our story.”

Camilla Douraghy Fischbacher,

Creative Director of Fischbacher 1819