DEDAR Milano Inspirations - The Allegra Restaurant Project in Madrid - CRIPE S.A.

Interior Designer: Quintana Partners Studio- Photo Credits: Daniel Schafer Studio 

Located in the Salamanca district of Madrid, Allegra is the Italian restaurant designed by Quintana Partners for Isabella’s Group. The project combines the essence of a piano bar with the lively ambiance of a formal after-dinner soirée. The concept envisioned and brought to life by the Spanish interior design duo draws inspiration from the Art Deco, “bringing the classic Opera Café into the contemporary with a touch of romance”. The entire structure has undergone a meticulous refurbishment, with attention to every detail, to create “a sense of found heritage but with a fresh twist”. A blend of colours and materials offers an eclectic but harmonious space with vintage and contemporary touches, in which eye-catching fabrics and textile wallcoverings define the ambiances. The unpredictable and ever-changing watered motif of Amoir Libre Wall in red regales luminous colour and vibrant movement to the walls. “We were truly enthusiastic about incorporating this specific wallpaper. It was the starting point, the rest evolved from there”.