Dedar and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts - CRIPE S.A.

After the first edition in 2023, this year Dedar is once again presenting an exhibition of textile artefacts created by the students of the “Textile Culture” course at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, who have been asked to reinterpret some iconic fabrics from the Dedar collection.

The physical proximity of Dedar’s showroom and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts is also a communion of intentions, as demonstrated by the second edition of the “Competition of Ideas” project, which sees Dedar collaborating with the world of Higher Education in Art.

Promoted by Livia Crispolti, designer and professor, together with Dedar’s Creative Director Raffaele Fabrizio, the competition is aimed at students from the School of Artistic Design for Business with a Fashion Design specialization, who are called upon to reinterpret some of Dedar’s iconic fabrics with an over-writing work, with the aim of confronting themselves with a Made in Italy company and putting their training and flair into practice.

This second edition places the theme of “Il Giardino in Una Stanza” at the centre of the textile reworking: nature, in all its chromatic and visual declinations, was a source of inspiration for the students.

A selection of works is on display in the Milan showroom, including those of the three winners who stood out for their imaginative skills and mastery of technique.

Zhang Zhijian: awarded for her ability to be inspired by the colour of the ‘Chintz Nature‘ fabric, deep and luminous, evoking the tactile and chromatic sensations of an organic, fairy-tale microcosm;

Ludovica Gavioli: awarded for her great mastery of the art of textiles used to illustrate a story. The natural mottling of the soft panama ‘Nyul‘ was embroidered, unravelled, dyed and recomposed, projecting into a mysterious forest to be delved into with fear and a desire for discovery;

Lorena Casile: awarded for tracing a path of delicate abstraction consistent with the elegance and candour of ‘Wide Silk Raso‘, recalling snowy landscapes of her homeland;

Benedetta Micale: awarded a special mention for the rational and measured approach adopted through a minimal but highly transformative action, in which the rigorous geometry of the fabric ‘Ingrid‘ gives way to an abstract garden.