Timney Fowler is an award-winning luxury interiors brand known for their iconic black and white neo-classical designs. Their designs draw inspiration from diverse historical and architectural sources, and feature powerful Greco-Roman imagery, heraldic patterns and graphic emblems of European art and architecture, combining them in unexpected juxtapositions. Timney Fowler’s design imagery captures an atmosphere of romanticism to create truly eclectic collections.

Established in the 1980s, by Sue Timney and Graeme Fowler, Timney Fowler has been relaunched by mother-daughter duo Fleur and Savannah Curzon. Today, Timney Fowler continues to champion artisanal and sustainable printing and manufacturing methods, creating all their products in England. Their interior offering has expanded to include several collections of stunning velvet cushions, designed to add a pop of dynamic colour and neo-classical drama, and an exquisite range of fine-bone china ceramics, all of which are produced and crafted in England.



Luxurious fabrics, wallpapers and accessories are designed to work in seamless combination with one another. From the bold monochromatic power of their statement stripes to the softer neutrals of their statuesque designs, and the striking iridescent gold and pewter of their cityscapes, Timey Fowler’s timeless designs inject immediate drama and distinctive opulence to any room.