The tradition of the manufacture of passementeries in France is a very ancient one. The trimmings culture in Belloy-en-France is particularly strong and certainly predates the reign of François I. Unlike many long-forgotten industries, “passementerie” lives on in Belloy.  

From a small workshop with four employees, taken over by Georges Doudoux in 1926, grew a veritable industry. 1962 saw the creation of “Passementeries Doudoux & Oberti”. A decisive step was taken in 1970 with the launch of “Les Passementeries de l’Ile de France”, which distributes the production of Doudoux & Oberti throughout the world. 

Today sixty people are employed across the two companies. In Belloy, the 2000 sq m factory houses some thirty looms, able to weave up to 120 items at one time. Ropes, rosettes, cords, tiebacks and tassels are made here, most of these by hand.