Taste, savoir-vivre and workmanship quality. KOHRO collections leverage their Italian cultural heritage, combining nature, art, design, craftsmanship, technology and prime service. This extraordinary mix results in a decoration style that enhances refined sensibility for the home, endless curiosity for the world, and impeccable quality. Fabrics, furniture, home linens, textile wallcoverings and accessories create a lifestyle made of wonder and sumptuousness.

All KOHRO products are made with the best raw materials and the finest fabrics.

LATEST COLLECTION – New Fabrics Collection

The FOREST NETWORK a balanced coexistence

This collection sets its eyes on the invisible that enlivens the forest. Small and large spaces where the natural world’s intelligence interacts, where different creatures work together to strike a vital balance. Sensory connections and intertwined beings make up a complex, crowded but balanced social system, a community where every organism plays a precise role. KOHRO has carefully captured the patterns and marvelous color cues of this habitat, and detected the pulsating designs of this hidden intelligence relentlessly working to communicate and cooperate. A commendation for Nature’s lively dynamism and what is essential to sustain life, which in nature coincides with an industrious and peaceful balance.