Fischbacher 1819 – Textiles Beyond Imagination.

For more than two centuries, Fischbacher 1819 has been at the heart of the textile industry. We are a family-owned company with headquarters in St. Gallen Switzerland, a centre for the textile industry since the 13th century. Our products are created with great attention to detail, a deep-rooted passion for quality materials and a constant drive for creative innovation. Fischbacher 1819 interior fabrics, carpets, bedding and home accessories collections are made for luxurious interiors with personality.

LATEST COLLECTION – Seeking Beauty Inspired by Nature 

The new collection from Fischbacher 1819 is an exploration of the enduring beauty and vulnerability of nature. Featuring dreamy landscapes and delicate flowers in bloom, new decorative embroideries, prints and plains embrace colour and texture to create a collection that exudes modern luxury and demonstrates the emotive power of design. Paying homage to the Arts & Crafts movement, it focuses on traditional weaving techniques and artisanal craftsmanship. Natural materials such as raw silk are woven by hand to create characterful and textural intricacies which are the foundation for many of the new fabric designs whilst bestselling plains in sustainable qualities have also been reimagined with fresh colour palettes.