Swiss Luxury

The Christian Fischbacher bed linen, pillows and duvets as well as terry collection combines the highest quality with the very best workmanship. They are made from the best materials and create luxurious accents in bed- and bathrooms. They believe that it’s the detail that makes the difference. Thanks to their many years of experience and their almost limitless creativity the designs by Christian Fischbacher leave plenty of scope for individual design requirements.


The Christian Fischbacher bathroom collection comprises luxurious towels and bathrobes in a rich selection of colours and designs. To make these products, they exclusively use yarns made of long cotton filament that is barely twisted. This lends the terry fabric its extremely high absorbency and softness.


The Christian Fischbacher bed linen is known for its exclusive materials and detailed prints. Every season, their in-house design team creates fresh, unique and innovative designs. It’s that special touch and their attention to detail that really characterise the signature style of the Christian Fischbacher brand.

Their swiss+cotton bed linen represents first-class Swiss craftsmanship and is made from premium, extra-long-staple cotton. Only the top 3% of cotton produced worldwide meets their quality requirements.