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BROCHIER combines modern technology with their extensive experience, forging new design trends for printed and woven upholstery fabrics.
BROCHIER Luxury Fabrics
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Brochier, which was founded in the previous century in Lyon, France, has a long history and is now a recognised name throughout the world. Today, as part of the Ratti group, they combine modern technology with their extensive experience, forging new design trends for printed and woven upholstery fabrics. The artistic creations of Brochier stand out for their style and sophistication.

CENTO 2023  – Fabrics Collection


A collection celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of Clerici Tessuto.


The CENTO collection celebrates Clerici Tessuto’s 100th anniversary through a selection of ten fabrics that represent the heritage of Clerici Tessuto’s fine textile craftsmanship. They are named after members of the Tessuto family and company headquarters, representing the love and passion for work and beauty that distinguish them.


The CENTO collection encapsulates Clerici Tessuto’s century-long tradition: from precious cut-voided velvets and fine silks with detailed patterns to high performing fabrics, from textured plains to playful prints, interpreting the latest trends in the decoration fabric scene with skill and attention to detail.


The collection is complemented by a mini capsule of linen and linen-blend curtaining fabrics, taken from the historical BROCHIER Como archive and reinterpreted in a contemporary key through trendy colors.

The Cento 2023 Collection Fabrics


The HERITAGE 2.0 2022 Collection


Second release of the Heritage collection, designed in 2021.


Heritage 2.0 fabrics complete and enrich a collection that represents the excellence of Clerici Tessuto high-end textile craftsmanship.


In this second release we find two precious velvets made with the ancient cut voided technique. One is inspired by the world of tartans and the other is a moiré.


We also present an innovative flame retardant silk: a fabric with a classic design made with silk warp, but with characteristics and performance that make it suitable for the contract and hotel industry.


Another new entry in this second release is a polyester fabric characterized by great performance, but with the appearance of leather. It is suitable for decoration and upholstery, with a very strong and impactful design, which perfectly represents the spirit of BROCHIER.


The Heritage 2.0 Collection Fabrics


The HERITAGE 2021 Collection


A signature collection focusing on luxurious and sophisticated jacquards.


BROCHIER Heritage Collection pays homage to the brand’s classic and iconic prints, proposing them in a contemporary style and in a high quality jacquard version.


A signature collection that represents the excellence of Clerici Tessuto high-end textile craftsmanship. All the designs have been created in-house by our designers.


The choice of the name Heritage is intended to underline the importance of being part of a textile group with a century-old industrial experience and craftsmanship tradition.


The Heritage collection is divided into two releases, a preview in June with ten fabrics and a second release in January 2022. 

The Heritage Collection Fabrics


The CUBICA 2020 Collection


A collection where colours and geometric shapes play a preponderant role, alternating with delicate designs of Japanese inspiration.


Stylish and imaginative, the 2020 BROCHIER collection plays with two worlds that are coordinated thanks to sophisticated references of colour: the world of abstract geometries, inspired by Cubism, and the world of the Far East, with its stylized signs and landscapes.


The MAESTRA 2019 Collection

An elegant, stylish and versatile collection featuring luxury jacquards, exclusive prints and precious velvets.


The 2019 collection features a mix of heritage and innovation, in the distinctive BROCHIER style, to offer premium fabrics that combine beauty and luxury with comfort and high technical performance.


Again this year velvets are the protagonists of the collection, with offerings ranging from a fine silk velvet woven on shuttle looms to original velvets with printed paisley or chevron pattern inlays.


Among the jacquards this year there is a black and white cotton knit with micro tricot-effect pattern perfect for upholstery.


The Brochure


The FUTURA 2018 Collection


The home decoration textile collection FUTURA represents the excellence of Italian high-end textile craftsmanship, combining the Clerici Tessuto’s savoir-faire and know-how with the research and experimentation with new fibers, new processing techniques and new patterns. The result is a signature collection that is elegant, stylish and versatile, featuring luxurious jacquards made on various types of warps: from precious silk and wool to high-performing nylon; elegant velvets made on antique artisan looms with shaded colorful warps; exclusive prints that reproduce beautiful drawings hand painted by our design team.


Thanks to coordinated patterns and colors, where cherry red, peacock green, cadet blue and mustard yellow dominate, the fabrics of the Futura collection work perfectly together, offering sophisticated options that bring timeless elegance to any interior: from classic to contemporary.


A significant part of the collection is dedicated to outdoor fabrics. Geometric patterns and marine themes are coordinated with textural plains, offered in a wide choice of versatile colorways. Thanks to their softness and performance to light and weather, our inspirational outdoor fabrics are perfect for introducing charm and elegance into garden spaces, decks and pools areas, as well as patios and terraces, where the outdoors becomes a natural extension of your home decor.




The SOLIDA Collection

BROCHIER presents SOLIDA. The collection is named for the substantial textures of coordinates which it features, creating an emotional journey through four small project worlds. CLASSIC is the group of patterns, prints and jacquard textures typical of the world of classic interior design: ribbon designs, small geometric patterns and melange solid fabrics.


With the SOLIDA collection, the designer can reinterpret colour combinations, choosing saturated variations, with colours that are alive, pure and brilliant, to create different but perfectly intermixable worlds.


COUNTRY CHIC, so defined for the background material combined with the sophistication of the patterns. TROPICAL, timeless tropical world offered in unsurpassed quality. Prints and jacquard live in harmony through the two very distinct manufacturing techniques.


FLOWER POP, includes two related products linked by strong colour references and strong fascination. In keeping with strong trends found throughout other sectors, from fashion to technology and various art forms, articles from the new collection are inspired by textures of solids to obtain sophisticated three dimensional effects.



Regina continues the stylistic trend sketched by BROCHIER in recent years, more and more recognizable as an editor of high­end textiles.